Blaise Cherie. 21. In Love.
Tattooed. Dirty Mind.

Laughing is my defense mechanism when it comes to love.
Bruce Wayne, my boston terrier, is my world alongside my wonderful girlfriend.
If music is playing, you'll hear me bumpin' it.
I'm quite simple really, just take some time to figure me out
I live by this quote:
"If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything" -Marilyn Monroe

Memories. #coachella2014

Lana Del Rey & The Weeknd At Coachella Tonight!

#MsLaurynHill #Coachella #IllmaticXX


#DamianMarley #Coachella #IllmaticXX

Seeing him, I died

Scott Raging at Coachella.

I fell in love with kid cudi even more this weekend. What a beautiful soul and gorgeous man!

Jay Z returned to Coachella this weekend, this time jumping on stage with close friend Pharrell. The two performed a medley of their collaborative hits, including Frontin’, Excuse Me Miss, La La La (Excuse Me Miss Again), and I Just Wanna Love U (Give it 2 Me).

Fuck yeah

Literally me.
This sums up the weekend pretty much. #coachella2014 #essohawt